Welcome to the Internet!

Truthfully, I have been online for many years now. Today, however, is the day I change the way I present myself to you. Everyone deserves a way to express themselves and this is my way.

My mind has many thoughts and ideas running through it, and it gets hard to separate them from each other. The way I am going to style this blog is by categorizing everything in my mind. I might jump from life problems to the deliciousness of food to a video game I recently played.

Maybe you will be able to relate to my blog. If you are not able to relate, maybe this blog will amuse you or give you something to dissect. I always love hearing the opinions of others and would love to interact with you.

To start off this interaction, I will introduce myself. My name is Massey and I absolutely love to write. I am currently working on a couple of different novels, which I am hoping to finish next year. I honestly cannot work on the same novel for a long length of time and so I have to switch it up by working on one of my others. It helps me to keep ideas fresh and to keep me interested in all of my projects.

My blog posts may be sporadic since I am a college student and a working human. Once I get used to blogging, I will make a schedule for the posts. Maybe you can let me know some tips! We can help each other. Ask me questions anytime and I will try to answer them in upcoming blog posts.

As the blog progresses, you will be able to get to know me more. If I write about a book I have read and you have read it as well, comment letting me know what you thought of the book. The same goes for anything I post about. Thank you for checking in!

Welcome to the Internet!

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