A Taste of the Wasp

My, my it has been a long time since I have posted. Work has been busy and now I am almost done with my second semester of college. How the time flies. Life has been hectic for me but now I am going to try to be active on here again.

Two days ago I was sitting on my couch. I moved around to get comfy and a felt something prick my leg. I assumed it was a sliver of wood since the house is being redone so I used my hand to find it and I got pricked again. This time it hurt! I jumped up and saw something fly away. After jumping in circles for several moments, I looked around and saw a wasp sitting on the window. Youch!

After checking for a stinger in my leg and in my finger, I put Benadryl on the wounds. As of today, my finger is still swollen, tight, and red but is not too bad. As for my leg. The wound is now larger than my hand! It is red, swollen, and burns. Let me tell you, a shower is not the answer. It is similar to having a sunburn when in a hot shower. That really hurts!

Today, thanks to a friend, I made a paste out of baking soda and water. Once the paste dried on my leg and started to fall off, I removed it and added more Benadryl. So far, it does not seem like any progress is being made. After reading online, I saw that it might take a week to heal. Here is to hoping. If it is not better in a week, I am going to the doctor.

In the meantime, I get to go to work and school. As for the messy room problem…well. It was solved several times, and ended up looking just the same as before when it was messy. Maybe one day I will get organized!



A Taste of the Wasp

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