Stressed Mind and Body


The past couple of days have been so hectic for me. At work I helped my team to unload the truck at 6AM. We barely finished by noon. I was so exhausted when I got off of work. I do not mind grunt work, but it sure is a lot of work.

As for school, I am so behind – by at least four weeks. This professor is not huge on due dates, he prefers that the students actually know what they are doing. That being said, he does not want everyone to wait to turn in everything right before finals – which is in a few short weeks. I have to bust it to get everything done and turned in at a decent time. I was working on some of it right now before I decided to get on here.

Another thing that causes me stress – taxes. I put it off knowing I had a long time to get it done. Now, the deadline is in two weeks. It is not that big of a deal to get them done, but it is stressful when time is running out and I have a ton of homework to do.

I am starting to go back into that mental state of having so much to do, that I am going to shut down and not do any of it. Too bad for me that not doing anything will cause me even more stress later on down the line. I want to transfer into a four year university which requires you to have 30 transferable credit hours as well as at least a 2.0 GPA. Not too bad, right? Wrong. I am going to be changing majors, and 6 of my credits will not transfer so I have to take more classes to get those 6 credits back. The class that I am so far behind in happens to be one of those classes that I no longer need. I cannot drop it this far in the semester, and if I fail it will lower my GPA. I cannot risk having my GPA lowered in case one of my futures classes is hard and that lowers my GPA. Every class that lowers my GPA means less of a chance I have of transferring schools. I have to do my best, no matter how much my mind has checked out of this particular class.

Those are my woes of the day. How do you all handle stress? What motivates you to keep pushing forward?

My motivation of being successful in a class I no longer need (or understand) should be wanting to transfer schools. In my head I know that to be true, but my body does not feel like even trying in that class anymore.

Hopefully you will leave me some tips on how to further motivate myself. I would love to hear all ideas!  Also, what is causing you stress at the moment? Maybe we can help each other in solving our issues!


Stressed Mind and Body


Yesterday was the day of the group presentation at school. My group went up first and we presented the gaga gift to the instructor. As soon as he saw all the apples he said, “A+ already. You might as well sit down now.” Awesome for us, right? Well, we still had to present. It happens. We expected as much.

We all went through our parts and got our grade before we left class for the day. Our group got a 100. Not too shabby! We were very impressed with ourselves, considering how many stressful weekends we spent on this project. It was pretty intense. Turns out, we did not have to submit our work. All of those hours to make sure all the programming worked, no big deal. He did not want to check out work, just wanted to see us learn how to speak in front of people.

I am okay with that, even though we were super stressed out. I got a 100 – the group project is a big chunk of our final grade in the class. Even if I do not do so well on the actual final, it should be okay. I should still pass the class. I think my current grade is 97. Anyone who is in the IT field or major, I applaud you. It takes a lot of stress and brains. It is also very time consuming.

Is there anyone here who is in IT? How do you manage? Is it stressful? Do you have a method to staying sane? I would love to know! (:



Itchy Presentation

Good morning! So I went to the doctor yesterday, after all. Picture this: a two and a half hour wait with my cell phone battery at 24%. Yikes! All the seats by the outlets were taken, and no one was even using them! When someone got up, I sniped the seat so I could start charging – not a moment too soon!

When my name was finally called, I went in and waited another hour but at least I was in a room. The doctor came in and examined the two sting areas. He said I was not allergic, and they were not infected. However, they were localized. That means that they will not spread. I guess localized meant my leg because that spread through my whole entire thigh. I got medication and was told to start immediately and the wounds will be gone in a week.

When I checked out my leg this morning, there has been no change. That is not surprising though. It will take a few days to start going away. Too bad it still hurts and itches!

I also have a group presentation today in one of my classes. As a gag gift, the whole team is each bringing an apple to the instructor. The presentation is not going to be too bad. We are each presenting the parts we each did so we know the material mostly. Maybe I will not be scratching too much during the presentation!

College has really helped me with my nerves. In highschool and younger, I would be terrified to present. I would get shaky, my stomach would cramp, and I would fumble all of my words. My first semester in college, I was a nervous wreck as well! However, I saw a couple of people present and told myself I could do it! When I walked to the front of the room, I was shaky when I first started to talk. However, I jumped around the front of the room (not literally haha) and looked at several people in the eyes and said anything and everything about my topic. At the end I took a bow and went back to my seat. Since that day, everytime I present I act like I am the host of a show. It is college. You are allowed to be spontaneous! Everyone loves seeing that stuff – people being different, energized. I know it impresses me when I see it.

So, today I am going to be the best show host I can be and I know I have my team members standing right next to me. If one of us fumbles, another can help them and pick up where that person left off. This group is a good mix of people. A couple of my group projects, I was one of the only ones ever doing anything. This time, we all helped each other with the project and with the general class work.

I will let you royals know all about the presentation later! (: How do you handle presentations? Did you used to be nervous but grew out of it? Do you still get nervous? Were you always great at presenting? I would love to know!





Itchy Presentation

A Taste of the Wasp

My, my it has been a long time since I have posted. Work has been busy and now I am almost done with my second semester of college. How the time flies. Life has been hectic for me but now I am going to try to be active on here again.

Two days ago I was sitting on my couch. I moved around to get comfy and a felt something prick my leg. I assumed it was a sliver of wood since the house is being redone so I used my hand to find it and I got pricked again. This time it hurt! I jumped up and saw something fly away. After jumping in circles for several moments, I looked around and saw a wasp sitting on the window. Youch!

After checking for a stinger in my leg and in my finger, I put Benadryl on the wounds. As of today, my finger is still swollen, tight, and red but is not too bad. As for my leg. The wound is now larger than my hand! It is red, swollen, and burns. Let me tell you, a shower is not the answer. It is similar to having a sunburn when in a hot shower. That really hurts!

Today, thanks to a friend, I made a paste out of baking soda and water. Once the paste dried on my leg and started to fall off, I removed it and added more Benadryl. So far, it does not seem like any progress is being made. After reading online, I saw that it might take a week to heal. Here is to hoping. If it is not better in a week, I am going to the doctor.

In the meantime, I get to go to work and school. As for the messy room problem…well. It was solved several times, and ended up looking just the same as before when it was messy. Maybe one day I will get organized!



A Taste of the Wasp

Something must be done…

With college coming up, I really need to work on organizing my room. I have work papers everywhere, as well as school papers. Actually, I have all sorts of papers all over the place. On top of that, there are many other items that are in need of a comfy spot in my room.

So far I have been having the same routine and it is time to change. On a daily basis, my average “cleaning” consists of moving everything off of my desk/chair/floor and moving it all to the top of my bed. When it is time to go to sleep, I move it all back to my desk/chair/floor. It keeps things out of my way, when I need them to be. However, I am having a hard time finding particular things now since it all seemed to get combined no matter how hard I tried to keep it separate.

My biggest problem is not having anywhere to put anything. All of my drawers and hideyspots are all filled and will not budge to let me add anything else. Most likely I will have to build some shelving, but that is still not going to solve my problem for today. Today I need to get all of my work papers together for tomorrow. I am on the morning shift and will not have time to find them before leaving.

As important as that is…I just want to play video games. Have you ever had so much to do, you just shut down and started to do something fun instead? I do, all the time. It seems my list keeps getting longer and I get so overwhelmed I cannot even process what to do first.

Thankfully, today I have decided enough was enough and chose cleaning my room from my list. Now I just have to figure out where to start. The most obvious answer would be to go through every paper I can find and search for my work papers. It makes sense to me. However, once I go through them I would want to put all my organized papers away so they stay organized. In order to do that, I need places to put them. Now the obvious answer is to clean out areas that would be perfect for papers.

I keep staring at my bookcases and thinking it would be perfect to have two shelves just dedicated to my binders and folders that are filled with my organized papers. One shelf would be for my different novels (yes, I like to hand write them) and the other shelf would be for work and school papers. It would be a great idea, but in order to do that I would need to move my books around, plus take off the random stuff I have stuffed in front of the books because they do not have a proper home.

Even though I do not have a place to put those random items, I am going to start there. Most likely the random items will end up in the desk/floor/chair/bed rotation, but at least all of my papers will finally be organized. The heating pad, console controllers, lunch box, rocks (I am obsessed with collecting rocks – all shapes and sizes), and so on can wait until later today or a later date when I get the shelving up.

Let me know how you go about organizing stuff! What is the method you use to decide what to do first? Do you have random items that circulate around on a daily basis? What do you tell yourself to stop you from procrastinating? Is it time to decide what things to keep and what to get rid of?

That last question is tough. It seems everything I see is something I am going to use one day. Sure, I have not touched it in months (except for when I moved to where I am now and brought it with me) but one day I might use it again. Does that happen to you? Knowing the second you throw it out, you are going to have to buy another one because for some odd reason that is the one thing you actually need for whatever reason?

Music will be a must for this cleaning and organizing adventure. It will keep me from getting too overwhelmed. Wish me luck!

Something must be done…

Welcome to the Internet!

Truthfully, I have been online for many years now. Today, however, is the day I change the way I present myself to you. Everyone deserves a way to express themselves and this is my way.

My mind has many thoughts and ideas running through it, and it gets hard to separate them from each other. The way I am going to style this blog is by categorizing everything in my mind. I might jump from life problems to the deliciousness of food to a video game I recently played.

Maybe you will be able to relate to my blog. If you are not able to relate, maybe this blog will amuse you or give you something to dissect. I always love hearing the opinions of others and would love to interact with you.

To start off this interaction, I will introduce myself. My name is Massey and I absolutely love to write. I am currently working on a couple of different novels, which I am hoping to finish next year. I honestly cannot work on the same novel for a long length of time and so I have to switch it up by working on one of my others. It helps me to keep ideas fresh and to keep me interested in all of my projects.

My blog posts may be sporadic since I am a college student and a working human. Once I get used to blogging, I will make a schedule for the posts. Maybe you can let me know some tips! We can help each other. Ask me questions anytime and I will try to answer them in upcoming blog posts.

As the blog progresses, you will be able to get to know me more. If I write about a book I have read and you have read it as well, comment letting me know what you thought of the book. The same goes for anything I post about. Thank you for checking in!

Welcome to the Internet!