Pain Before Gain

My, my. My week has been so hectic. I have had to work and school work. Not only that, the house is being renovated so I have had to stop to help with that quite a bit. In the past week, I have turned in four assignments. I am really behind schedule. Finals are approaching quickly.

Yesterday was no fun. I managed to slice off my fingernail, completely. I am not going to post pictures since it is pretty gross. It was bleeding for a good thirty minutes, even with firm pressure. I went through six band aids, within ten minutes. They kept getting soaked through as soon as I would put them on. Finally I gave up, got a washcloth, and waited it out. It is still pretty tender, and probably will be for a while.

However, tomorrow will be fun! I am finally going to be getting my hair done. It will be bleached and colored. Not sure if it will be colored tomorrow since my hair is currently dyed black. I read up on it, and it takes time to bleach correctly. However, if I do get color tomorrow I have decided on a mixture of blue and green.

If you have any tips about bleaching and coloring hair, let me know! I would love to hear them. I know I cannot wash my hair with warm water, use a hair dryer, or any of that since it will cause the color to wash out faster. I also know I cannot be wearing my fancy shirts for a while, since the color will bleed if it gets wet (rain, included).

If there are any more tips out there that are a must know, share them with me! (:

I will post pictures tomorrow, even if I only get my hair bleached and not colored. I will have before, after, and during pictures. I am so excited!

Pain Before Gain

Running towards a Dream

Today has been very productive, in a sense. I was able to buy what I needed from Walmart. That was an adventure in itself. Even if you go there to buy two things, a person always ends up staying an hour. That has been my experience anyway.

I have also officially sent in my application to the four year university I wish to attend. That was very exciting! Once I finished that, I requested transcripts from my current college to be sent over. I should hear in a month if I have been accepted or not!

I was able to print out my school related, credit related papers and made a basic outline of a possible summer class schedule. When registration opens, hopefully I get the classes and professors I already mapped out. I should probably take two classes since it is a short semester, but I have three on my list. I still have time to decide.

Also, today, I got a 100 on one of my quizzes. I have three more to take today. I also have to turn in the final draft of my essay. Another essay I have to start on is a networking essay. I have all the information, I just have to type it up and send it. On top of all the previous mention items, I still have to do multiple programming exercises (I am a couple weeks behind so I have a nice sized pile). One more thing to get completed is to come up with a topic for my research paper. We have a list of things we cannot choose, so maybe I can come up with an idea that is broad enough to cover 1800 words, but is still accepted as a topic. Too bad Harry Potter is not an accepted choice! Hopefully I can get most of this done today, even though the day is mostly over. I still have tomorrow afternoon as well, if I do not get finished tonight.

As for my hair, that has been put on hold for a little while. I need more paychecks as well as time to actually get it done. I still need to make an appointment. My hair, though, is not my main priority at this point. Hopefully I will have it done before May!

Now it is time to go back to my homework. Maybe I will not get distracted anymore, though most likely I will be!


Running towards a Dream

A Taste of the Wasp

My, my it has been a long time since I have posted. Work has been busy and now I am almost done with my second semester of college. How the time flies. Life has been hectic for me but now I am going to try to be active on here again.

Two days ago I was sitting on my couch. I moved around to get comfy and a felt something prick my leg. I assumed it was a sliver of wood since the house is being redone so I used my hand to find it and I got pricked again. This time it hurt! I jumped up and saw something fly away. After jumping in circles for several moments, I looked around and saw a wasp sitting on the window. Youch!

After checking for a stinger in my leg and in my finger, I put Benadryl on the wounds. As of today, my finger is still swollen, tight, and red but is not too bad. As for my leg. The wound is now larger than my hand! It is red, swollen, and burns. Let me tell you, a shower is not the answer. It is similar to having a sunburn when in a hot shower. That really hurts!

Today, thanks to a friend, I made a paste out of baking soda and water. Once the paste dried on my leg and started to fall off, I removed it and added more Benadryl. So far, it does not seem like any progress is being made. After reading online, I saw that it might take a week to heal. Here is to hoping. If it is not better in a week, I am going to the doctor.

In the meantime, I get to go to work and school. As for the messy room problem…well. It was solved several times, and ended up looking just the same as before when it was messy. Maybe one day I will get organized!



A Taste of the Wasp