Pain Before Gain

My, my. My week has been so hectic. I have had to work and school work. Not only that, the house is being renovated so I have had to stop to help with that quite a bit. In the past week, I have turned in four assignments. I am really behind schedule. Finals are approaching quickly.

Yesterday was no fun. I managed to slice off my fingernail, completely. I am not going to post pictures since it is pretty gross. It was bleeding for a good thirty minutes, even with firm pressure. I went through six band aids, within ten minutes. They kept getting soaked through as soon as I would put them on. Finally I gave up, got a washcloth, and waited it out. It is still pretty tender, and probably will be for a while.

However, tomorrow will be fun! I am finally going to be getting my hair done. It will be bleached and colored. Not sure if it will be colored tomorrow since my hair is currently dyed black. I read up on it, and it takes time to bleach correctly. However, if I do get color tomorrow I have decided on a mixture of blue and green.

If you have any tips about bleaching and coloring hair, let me know! I would love to hear them. I know I cannot wash my hair with warm water, use a hair dryer, or any of that since it will cause the color to wash out faster. I also know I cannot be wearing my fancy shirts for a while, since the color will bleed if it gets wet (rain, included).

If there are any more tips out there that are a must know, share them with me! (:

I will post pictures tomorrow, even if I only get my hair bleached and not colored. I will have before, after, and during pictures. I am so excited!

Pain Before Gain