A little bit… hairy.

I have been wanting a change in my hair for quite some time now. In a year from now, I have to have “normal” variations of hair color so I want to get the wacky out of my system. I really want to bleach and tone my hair until it is white and then add random colors, but I think I am going to stick with having black hair and adding colors.

I have looked at all sorts of variations of colors and styles and I am leaning towards black at the roots and having it merge into a different color or two. My ideas of color are blue and green but I have not settled on them yet.

After much research, I have decided I would be awful at doing it myself (even though it is cheaper.) Ha, not really. I know myself. When I dyed my hair black, my forehead had black spots for two weeks. Who knows how I would do with bleach. I would end up visiting the salon anyway, so I will end up paying even more to fix what I screwed up. I am going to stick with going to the salon the first time around.

Researching even more, I have decided on a salon but I am still going to go talk to them and ask questions in person. We can never be too careful. I know the pricing from the website, but I really want to talk to them about ideas of what to do before I fully commit to making an appointment.

If you have any ideas on colors or color styles, let me know! Fading sounds nice to me, but I also like the streaks as well as multiple colors in random “designs”. Yes, I have been looking non stop at pictures over the past few months.

Have you done anything “crazy” to your hair? Do you know of someone who has? How did it turn out?

A little bit… hairy.