Less Registration Stress

Hi, everyone! How are you all doing today?

I have finally registered for two classes for summer semester. I have yet to pay for them or my books, but at least my spot is saved within the classes. Summer semester will give me six credits, so I will be closer to my 30 credit goal! I think I will be at 12 credits after summer semester. It all depends if one of the classes from the first semester counts.

I am so anxious to hear back from the University. I sent in my application on Friday and sent in a form online to my current school to send over my current transcript. The university said it would take three weeks after they receive my transcript before I hear a decision if I got accepted or not. I really, really want to go there! The visit day was amazing, and I never wanted to leave.

I went back to check on the transcript progress and I am not sure if I clicked to send now, or wait until the end of term. Either way, I will know by June.



Less Registration Stress

Running towards a Dream

Today has been very productive, in a sense. I was able to buy what I needed from Walmart. That was an adventure in itself. Even if you go there to buy two things, a person always ends up staying an hour. That has been my experience anyway.

I have also officially sent in my application to the four year university I wish to attend. That was very exciting! Once I finished that, I requested transcripts from my current college to be sent over. I should hear in a month if I have been accepted or not!

I was able to print out my school related, credit related papers and made a basic outline of a possible summer class schedule. When registration opens, hopefully I get the classes and professors I already mapped out. I should probably take two classes since it is a short semester, but I have three on my list. I still have time to decide.

Also, today, I got a 100 on one of my quizzes. I have three more to take today. I also have to turn in the final draft of my essay. Another essay I have to start on is a networking essay. I have all the information, I just have to type it up and send it. On top of all the previous mention items, I still have to do multiple programming exercises (I am a couple weeks behind so I have a nice sized pile). One more thing to get completed is to come up with a topic for my research paper. We have a list of things we cannot choose, so maybe I can come up with an idea that is broad enough to cover 1800 words, but is still accepted as a topic. Too bad Harry Potter is not an accepted choice! Hopefully I can get most of this done today, even though the day is mostly over. I still have tomorrow afternoon as well, if I do not get finished tonight.

As for my hair, that has been put on hold for a little while. I need more paychecks as well as time to actually get it done. I still need to make an appointment. My hair, though, is not my main priority at this point. Hopefully I will have it done before May!

Now it is time to go back to my homework. Maybe I will not get distracted anymore, though most likely I will be!


Running towards a Dream